Friday, June 24, 2005

Orange Rocks: "I Knew They Didn't Copy Me"

Mr. Orange Rocks, who previously accused WvW of copying his idea for a webcomics tabloid, has reportedly admitted that he was well aware that WvW did not, in fact, copy his idea when he made the initial accusation.

Mr. Rocks, however, neatly avoided answering why he allegedly blatantly lied and made the statement "What's this here, by the way? I think they've copied me." when by his own words, he admitted: "I knew they didn't copy me.". Instead, he deftly changed the topic and attempted to make light of the mathematical skills of the WvW team.

"It's strange they can't put two and two together" says Mr. Rocks.

When asked for a comment, the WvW Editor replied: "WTF? Are you sure he's looking at the same question we were discussing?"

Other members of the WvW staff were more accommodating, some even going as far as to admit ever since the advent of computers, their mathematical skills had rusted somewhat. "It's true." admitted WvW reporter Regneva. "My calculus is so bad, I can't remember how to do an integration on a quadratic function anymore."

In other news, the three original idea founders of the tabloid over at Webcomic Finds appear to be content with WvW's royalty renumeration offer after the stealing of the WvW idea.

"It's a relief the charges have been dropped on both fronts." says the WvW Editor. "Now that this terrible crisis is over, we can put it behind us and get on with our lives."

News has surfaced that Both WvW staff and Mr. Rocks are in talks with Martin Bashir to make a behind-the-scenes documentary, entitled "Webcartoonist Versus Webcartoonist Versus Orange Rock: The True Story Behind the Crisis ".

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Note: Just in case someone missed the disclaimer posted on every page, if you believe and take everything in this article seriously, then there's a guy in Nigeria who needs a partner in smuggling a suitcase with a few million American Dollars out of the country.


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