Thursday, June 09, 2005

Webcomic Tabloids an "AWESOME idea!" says Ping Teo

Some guy called xmung says: "Forget "player v player" - it's "webcartoonist v webcartoonist"! It's fun watching it from the stalls." ...Read More

9.20am Jun 9 2005

Note: For background reasons, we were obliged to delete and repost this news articles. To avoid losing the comments, we have tagged them to the end of the article.

This is a great idea! :)
6/10/2005 12:12 AM

Although, I think you should open the comments section up for non-blogger account comments.
6/10/2005 12:14 AM

william g
I do hope someone keeps this up.
6/10/2005 2:19 AM

ping @ phalanx
Oh my God, I've created a monster.


Nice monster.
6/10/2005 2:29 AM

"Although, I think you should open the comments section up for non-blogger account comments."

Crud, I didn't notice that. 

6/10/2005 8:16 AM


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