Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Hacker Attacks Keenspace and Gossamer Commons

A couple of webcomics sites, including the Keenspace forums and the webcomic Gossamer Commons were hacked by a "black-hat hacker" who then modified the pages to display the message "spykids spykids" on the front pages.

Coming in the wake of the infamous Modern Tales hacking several months ago, the webcomics community have begun to speculate that somewhere out there, there is a hacker who has a personal vendetta against webcomics.

"Why are they doing this?" An irritated webcomic artist who refused to be named said. "God, I mean, why could anyone hate webcomics enough to attack them this much?!"

Others were less congenial, declaring "Somebody's going to die for this.".

The "spykids" hackers attentions do not seem to be confined to webcomics however, as sites such as this have also been defaced by the malicious attacker.

The non-existent webcomic police have urged the people to be vigilant against such attacks, warning that the psychopath would not be satisfied with just his two recent victims.

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