Wednesday, July 20, 2005

STEVE BRYANT "DRESSES-DOWN" TYCHO: Is There Something Between Them?

While the promise of a death-match between Scott McCloud and Penny-Arcade's Tycho at the Comic-Con petered out, another conflict blossomed between the PA magnate and Eisner Award Nominee Athena Voltaire's creator, Steve Bryant.

"I was over at Comic Relief trying to track down a Sinfest collection, and when I asked a person with an exhibitor badge facing into the aisle if they had it, he informed me in no uncertain terms that not only did he not work there, he was super pissed off at me. It was Steve from Athena Voltaire, about whose work I had said something mean in passing three months ago. " said a rather rattled Tycho.

"That's never really happened to me, had a man straight-up dress me down right to my face,"... "Still, I think I could have taken him.".

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Blogger Steve said...

Naah, nothing more to the story besides that. Tycho could totally have taken me, though (awww, Baby, you know I'm a lover and not a fighter)...


7/20/2005 8:35 AM  
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