Thursday, August 04, 2005

WCN accused of "Lying to Our Faces"!

The newly launched WebcomicsNation Service has been accused of false advertising.

Matt Wilson, a poster at the Keenspot forums, launched an angry tirade directed at WCN, quoting a post from the WCN support boards that allegedly said:

"We say "unmetered" bandwidth, but we don't say "unlimited" bandwidth. If your bandwidth usage is causing a problem for the service as a whole, and interfering with our other customers' ability to serve their pages, we will want to talk to you about that."

Which was interpreted by the poster to mean "Summary: the bandwidth IS metered and we lied to your face"

"My thoughts are... that they call themselves the solution for professional cartoonists is hilarious. apparently if you like having your own web design, using CGI, PHP, or MySQL, or just having any control over your work in general, you're not 'professional.' and just think, you get the blessing of paying them 10 dollars a month for this glorious relinquishing of well-travelled experience.

This will be something to keep an eye on, a year down the road, to see what horror stories emerge, or what features (like "unmetered bandwidth") disappear when someone actually becomes successful (which is unlikely since noone will remember your url if it's in a folder). i still think the lack of personality or individuality is a serious mistake, but hey, it's up to you. you decide with your dollar."

Although Wilson denies intending to lead a smear campaign against WCN, he admits to having previous tangles with the MT-conglomerate which may have soured his relations towards Joey Manley...

" I keep finding his decisions questionable. I was myself involved in a short lived Modern Tales animation site that could've happened but didn't due to factors like this (and lack of communication... and RICH V STONE....)."

Joey Manley has yet to comment on this issue, but then again, we haven't asked him about it yet.

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