Saturday, June 11, 2005

Gabe: "Scott McCloud is lying to Artists"

Gabe comments: "If you wanted to go into space would you rather get advice from Neil Armstrong or Orson Scott Card? "... "A comic that hits the web as a pay strip will never get the audience that a free strip like say CAD or Goats has."... "There are a lot of artists out there who are actually doing what he only talks about and none of them are using his methods." ...Read More

SUDDEN DISAPPEARANCE: Fears for "Life" over Art Critic's Webcomic Backlash

WvW source Frank Lee reports that controversial webcomics critique site Delineated Life has mysteriously disappeared from the net since June 7th.

However, further reports indicate that on June 6th, notorious webcomic critic William "G" George was once again involved in a heated dispute with a webcomics artist over a Webcomics Examiner article written over a year ago. A veteran of the Flame Wars, William G has gotten himself into fights with other webcomic personalities before, including Scott Kurtz and Penny Arcade.

Many speculate that William G may have now been driven underground as a result of serious threats from the backlash. The following is a forwarded message, puporting to be one of many more:

Dear Willie G.

Eat sh** you herpes infested sperm depository from h***, shut your auto-fellatic hole or put it to good use you semen slurping sh** princess.



A short, misspelled and disturbing post from the site owner has now taken the place of the blog: "I am wastng my creative time. Wasting it blogging. Wasting it on webcomic commentary. So it's time to break the habit." Some suspect foul play, claiming that such incoherence is out of character for William G, and the message may well have been written under coercion.

While the other artist involved in the dispute has yet to be named, it is rumoured to be a "popular web cartoonist with a large and rabid following." ...Read More

Friday, June 10, 2005

McCloud Backs Down!

Comics critic, Scott McCloud, has withdrawn his open letter demanding an apology from Penny-Arcade. He writes: "I've decided to remove the Tycho essay... Sorry for that 24 hour lapse in judgement..."

Speculation now among the WvW staff is that 24-hour lapses in judgements may be replacing 24-hour comics in the near future as the new trend among webcomic artists. ...Read More

EXCLUSIVE PICTURES: Some Guy Farks Penny Arcade!

Another guy called BlueGargoyle wrote: "I'm so sorry Tycho.", while a third accuses: "Jerry love Mike!!"

A fourth detractor named RobSwiat states: "Not a big fan of Penny-Arcade, PVP is better" ...Read More


Scott Kurtz alleges: "Both Scott and Jerry (Tycho) are decent men... passionate..." "99% of the post attacked concepts and philosophies. I think it's unfair to twist that post into some kind of personal attack on any one person...." "Had Tycho not posted that screen cap, and had Gabe drawn anonymous people in the strip instead of doing caricatures of Cat and John, nobody would have cared." ...Read More

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Scott McCloud "is a charlatan" says Tycho

Tycho writes: "Penny Arcade essentially represents "entrenched success" for many people, and it is resented, perhaps even reviled, and I can understand why because we're super entrenched... I was being sardonic when I typed that into MSN... We will never see eye to eye on this... imagine if Moses had lead the Israelites not to the promised land, but to an empty fucking parking lot..." ...Read More
...Read More

Gabe and Tycho "A Couple of Culeros" says Cat Garza

Cateyeno writes: "of course that shit hurt my feelings..." "why not focus that energy on making more comic strips instead of calling bullshit on ppl. or playing some more video games to get out some of that misdirected aggression..." ...Read More

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Alexis Christoforides said...

6/10/2005 12:36 AM

Truth Behind Cat Garza Documentary Debacle!!

Scott McCloud writes: "Tycho's critique comes down to this: Somebody made a documentary about Digital Comics and once again ignored Penny Arcade ...but makers of this documentary contacted Penny-Arcade twice asking Tycho and Gabe to be involved in the documentary and they never responded... ...Read More

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Erik said...
What the... I though this was my job.

/Erik "GiantPanda" Melander

6/09/2005 2:55 PM

Webcomic Tabloids an "AWESOME idea!" says Ping Teo

Some guy called xmung says: "Forget "player v player" - it's "webcartoonist v webcartoonist"! It's fun watching it from the stalls." ...Read More

9.20am Jun 9 2005

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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

"McCloud and Manley Hyptonize Artists using Kool-Aid" Accuses Goats

Goats writes: "Cat Garza"... "drank a bit too much of the Modern Tales/McCloud Kool Aid, along with some other substances that we have been unable to identify (or procure for ourselves) as of yet"... "and the rest of the MT artists are so hypnotized by McCloud and Manley that they don't stop to think that their business model, ther digital revolution isn't really taking off at all. Micropayments and walled-off content are not revolutionizing the industry" ...Read More

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Eric Burns: "Penny-Arcade" are "Mean"

Websnark writes: "They're taking glee in tormenting this guy who's never done a thing to them and who couldn't do a thing to them if he wanted to. They mock how he looks and what he says and they just generally tear him down at the moment when he probably felt the best about himself and his art as he ever had... "That's not editorializing and it sure as Hell isn't deflating the pretensions of others. It's. Just. Mean."... "I should have opened up my web browser, gone to Movable Type, and said in a loud, clear, and utterly clear voice fuck you, you assholes!. I didn't, and I'm ashamed of myself because I didn't." ...Read More

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