Friday, June 17, 2005

Garza: "I keep pussies clean."

One of our anonymous sources have reported that posters at Cat Garza's livejournal have blasted DJ Coffman, accusing the player of trying to jump on his bandwagon.

Garza: "At least i don't draw strips about star wars!"
Yirmumah: "Go back to your little "spoken word" nonsense and stop trying to be a player hater. DOUCHE!"
Garza: "whoa, shit! don't get your goatee all up in a frazzle..."
Some guy called nvonflue: " knock you for riding your PA "plug" to launch a new comic (which you'd be an idiot NOT to do) Is the pot callin' the kettle black. The guy's only posting to gain some of that attention."

In other news, scientists believe they have found signs of intelligent life in the webcomics community. ...Read More

Thursday, June 16, 2005

GREAT SCOTTS WHO DEPUBLISH: Violations on Web Ethics

Stuart Robertson writes on Understanding Depublishing:

"Depublishing is the practice of posting something to the web, often an inflammatory post to a weblog, then removing the inflammatory parts or deleting the content altogether. "... " People would frequently discover entries they linked to or commented on had suddenly disappeared, or been substantially edited, making their own blog entries nonsensical."

Depublishing is alleged to be unethical, as it allows people to squirm their way out of the consequences of their actions. "If you frequently find yourself wanting to depublish content, you should spend more time reflecting on what you've written before putting it online."

If this is the case, then a pair high-profile Scotts are currently guilty of depublishing. ...Read More

Kurtz admits "Maybe I Do Need to See My Mommy."

One of WvW's anonymous sources has revealed that "Scott Kurtz posted on his main site a rant against the way in which the history of webcomics is being recorded. He also posted a response to some e-mail he'd recieved, which really does include that quote."

However, Kurtz appears to have done a McCloud and pulled the rant from his site, replacing it with a tamer version of his earlier rant, which reputedly contained an angry tirade about protegés Blank Label Comics' press release being ignored completely by the reviewer. A fragment quoted on Comixpedia is all that remains of the original rant:

"Leslie Walker at the Washington post contacted the guys at Blank Label comics last week to inquire about doing an article about them. The Blank Label press release had made its way to her and she wanted to write a blurb on them in her next “dot com” column.

In the course of interviewing BLC, Leslie learned that there was a whole world of webcomics out there and decided to investigate further. The blurb on Blank Label, which was supposed to be published Thursday, never saw the light of day. Leslie decided instead to dedicate her entire column to webcomics and where they were heading." ...Read More

Joey Manley: "I Never Said That!"

Modern Tales Head Honcho Joey Manley insists that he has been misquoted in the recent Washington Post article on webcomics in which he was reputed to have been in support of the advertising model.

The article runs: "...Manley also publishes other subscription comic sites but has concluded that advertising represents the industry's future. So he is preparing to launch Webcomicsnation, a site that will offer unlimited Web space to any cartoonist for $7 a month. Manley hopes to turn a profit selling ads."

"For the record, I never said, nor do I believe, that "advertising is the future of online comics." Also, webcomicsnation will not be providing me with any advertising revenue. That is not the model at all." Mr. Manley denies vehemently. ...Read More

"Reputable Publications" Looking to Spread a Little Misinformation on Webcomics

WvW source Stuart Robertson writes that both The Washington Post and the Chicago Tribune and have conscended to post articles on webcomics.

While we at WvW do not pride ourselves at our accuracy, we have never claimed to be reputable either. However, we have been sniggering and wondering where the reporters have been sourcing their information from. Possibly the year 2000? ...Read More

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

SECRET PUBLICATION: Possible Unknown Scott McCloud Book?

Dark Rumours have been flying around the industry that there exists another book by Scott McCloud that isn't "Understanding Comics" or "Reinventing Comics", called "Scott McCloud's Guide To Making Money On The Web".

Even Cat Garza, labelled by some a McCloud devotee, admitted: "Yeah, i thought i had copies of all his books, but apparently i missed one". ...Read More

Yirmumah: "Everyone Wants to Be A Player"

Our sources report that DJ Coffman has decided to take a stab at the current webcomics controversy by insulting a number of people involved in the "Webcomics Drama Mama":

DJ writes: "Scott McCloud posted a slam at Penny Arcade, than later took it down. Scott McCloud=>PUSSY. Then, the gentle Hippy looking guy, Cat Garza who doesn’t like mean people on the internet just posted on Comixpedia that Jonathen Rosenberg of GOATS was “Stupid” or whatever. Cat, who hasn’t produced a comic in months, now with all the attention given his way as the poster child for the silly documentary, now has his NEW MagicInkwell comics up. Wonder how long he can keep that updating? Cat Garza = Douchebag."

"Yirmumah= A bunch of asshats who call people names and jump to conclusions. (thought we’d say it before anyone else did)"...Read More

Rosenburg: "Should I sacrifice my income to satisfy your curiosity? "

Creator of Goats, Jon Rosenburg, in response to the suggestion to extend the Goats Bitpass experiment for a longer period: "I fully admit (in my post, incidentally) that other factors could potentially be causing our decrease in merchandise, but given the overall increase in traffic levels and the links from similar large websites that we got at the same time last year, I'm at a loss as to what those factors might be."

"If the BitPass stuff is potentially hurting our established, extremely profitable revenue model, do you really think it would be smart to keep it up for another year? "... "We have made 20 times what we made from the entire week of BitPass sales in the last 24 hours after the experiment ended due to merchandise sales" ...Read More

"I'd hardly call it a 'failure'" says Cat Garza

Cat Garza insists that the results of one week's experiment is not conclusive to whether micropayments are a success or failure.

He argues: "Jon puts his minicomics up for one week and already deems it a failure?! jesus. that's just stupid."... "I say leave it up for a year and see where it goes. a week of sales doesn't really prove anything. maybe he IS selling less than he did last year, but i mean... he might be at that point regardless of the bitpass thing, you know?" ...Read More

Robert Balder: "Reinventing Comics the Great False Prophecy of Our Time"

Readers on a Comixpedia comment thread are currently debating the effectiveness of micropayments, some going to the length of writing dissertations on paradigms and how they apply to micropayments.

Robert Balder, creator of PartiallyClips writes: " a businessman, I've been calling bullshit on micropayments from shortly after the outset. It's not a model, it's a paradigm. It's one of those great "if only everybody did this" ideas that have too little bearing on the real world to merit the attention they're paid." ...Read More

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

THE END IS NIGH: Micropayments a failure?

Goats writes: "Scott McCloud challenged us to give BitPass a try almost two years ago."... "The idea was that it would show if his intial success was more than just good press and curious folks checking it out; it would show that this was a sustainable business model."

"So it's been a full week since we began our micropayments experiment."... "the BitPass experiment was a conclusive and absolute failure. It failed on such a tremendous level that I was surprised when we discovered new and previously unimagined ways in which it could have failed. It failed so badly that we actually lost money."

Doomsayers have already begun running amok, declaring: "THESE ARE THE END TIMES!!" ...Read More

The Future of Webcomics: Everyone will already be a Webcartoonist

The Modern Humour Authority writes concerning the Gaza Documentary Controversy: "Webcomics will replace the telephone"... "Until recently, anyone could be a webcartoonist"... "Webcomics will no longer be limited as 'stories in comic format on the web'".

Response from the audience to the idea was reputed to be "Meh. That was sooooo last week.".

...Read More

Monday, June 13, 2005

Slashdotters Controvert Comixpedia's Copyright and Creative Commons Composition

Comixpedia's latest article on creative commons has garnered the attention of the Slashdotters.

Profound discussions range from "... Profit leads to greed, greed leads to envy, envy leads to hatred, and HATE... LEADS TO SUFFERING!" to "You sound like some sort of insane communist. Go and crawl back in your hole." to the discussion of the role of lawyers.

The resulting Slashdot effect is reputed to have caused a strain on the servers hosting one of the linked comics (Queen of Wands), resulting in general slowness thoughout Keenspot-Land. ...Read More

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Artist Denies Trying to Shrink Pond

The mystery artist who clashed with Notorious William G several days ago asserts the backlash was a result of the latter implying the former was attempting to "make sure the pond doesn't get bigger".

"I really didn't like the fingerpointing." says the artist. "That W.G. pointed his finger at me as a danger"... "is odd.". This was in response to the accusation from N.W.G that "his [Artist's] attitude, and the attitudes of like-minded people, damage us all."

William G was reputed to have denied this by saying "I never called you a danger", and then proceeded to accuse the artist of kinky flagellation practices.

...Read More

BREAKTHROUGH: Possible Solution Found for Webcomics Malady!

Researchers working overtime on a Websnark thread believe they have found the cure to the productivity virus Onlinecomics melodramacitis, commonly known as "Webcomics Drama". The cure, dubbed "Webcartoonist Deathmatch", has yet to be practically implemented due to high working costs, but it is hopeful that with proper funding, this may be eventually possible in the future.

One of the brainstormers involved says: "Just think how great it will be to have deathmatch between the greatest names (and egos) of our little industry. Only one will survive."

An artist's impression of how "Webcomics Deathmatch" would work is available here. ...Read More