Friday, June 24, 2005

Orange Rocks: "I Knew They Didn't Copy Me"

Mr. Orange Rocks, who previously accused WvW of copying his idea for a webcomics tabloid, has reportedly admitted that he was well aware that WvW did not, in fact, copy his idea when he made the initial accusation.

Mr. Rocks, however, neatly avoided answering why he allegedly blatantly lied and made the statement "What's this here, by the way? I think they've copied me." when by his own words, he admitted: "I knew they didn't copy me.". Instead, he deftly changed the topic and attempted to make light of the mathematical skills of the WvW team.

"It's strange they can't put two and two together" says Mr. Rocks.

When asked for a comment, the WvW Editor replied: "WTF? Are you sure he's looking at the same question we were discussing?"

Other members of the WvW staff were more accommodating, some even going as far as to admit ever since the advent of computers, their mathematical skills had rusted somewhat. "It's true." admitted WvW reporter Regneva. "My calculus is so bad, I can't remember how to do an integration on a quadratic function anymore."

In other news, the three original idea founders of the tabloid over at Webcomic Finds appear to be content with WvW's royalty renumeration offer after the stealing of the WvW idea.

"It's a relief the charges have been dropped on both fronts." says the WvW Editor. "Now that this terrible crisis is over, we can put it behind us and get on with our lives."

News has surfaced that Both WvW staff and Mr. Rocks are in talks with Martin Bashir to make a behind-the-scenes documentary, entitled "Webcartoonist Versus Webcartoonist Versus Orange Rock: The True Story Behind the Crisis ".

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Note: Just in case someone missed the disclaimer posted on every page, if you believe and take everything in this article seriously, then there's a guy in Nigeria who needs a partner in smuggling a suitcase with a few million American Dollars out of the country.

William G to Comic Fanboys: "Go Get F*cked"

The Notorious William G says "I admit that a few years ago that I too was one of those starry-eyed dreamers who read Reinventing Comics and believed in Scott McCloud's pie in the sky predictions. " ..."It was the idea that, by going to the web, you could leave behind the vile stain of fanboyism that turned print comics into the steaming pile of shit they're barely digging themselves out from under today."

"I believed in the idea that ANYONE could get into comics, and with them would come new ideas, new stories, new methods of presentation. And then finally, the medium I love, the medium of comics would become something EVRYONE could enjoy. "

"I began to realize that instead of the internet providing comics with some sort of release from the Branch Dividian-like nature of you comic fanboys, all it had done was given you a new avenue in which to turn the common person off of comics. So, in my frustration with your shrill hositlity towards anyone who wasn't willing to follow of your cliquish behaviour and thunderous group-think, I returned with some of my own hostility."

"Not smart on my part, but it's really easy to cover yourself in shit when you're dealing with animals."...Read More

Note: We at WvW apologise if the headlines seem to be repetitive. We swear we didn't cut and paste this from the previous posts. Honest!

We also would like to give a nod of thanks to the numerous people who mailed in about this. Many bones to pick out there, yes?

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Blank Label Comics Plots To Take Over Poland

The Blank Label Website writes: "Dave Kellett, creator of Sheldon, and Greg Dean, creator of Real Life,"... "have joined forces with Blank Label Comics."

Blank Label Comics is the new webcomics collective initially formed by pilgrims from the recent Keenspot Exodus.

A commentor named Anthony says: "Oh man, Blank Label comics is totally going to take over Poland at this rate. "

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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Webcomics Tabloid Accused of Copying Some Flash Site

In a shockingly recursive twist of events, Webcartoonist vs Webcartoonist: The Tabloid! itself has been accused of copying the idea of a webcomics tabloid from some flash site we have never heard of called "Orange Rocks".

The owner of the Orange site, who has yet to be identified properly, declares: "I think they've copied me. I mailed them and asked if they wanted to do some kind of joint thing, but they ignored me, so it's obvious they're total jerk-heads. I can't imagine their site will last much longer once the McCloud/PA thing fizzles out anyway. Do they have one single day where they don't mention that? Psh. Amateurs."

This came on the heels of a supposed merger proposal from the aforementioned flash site to WvW. However, as we at WvW do not consider ourselves attention-seekers who are "looking for every oportunity to make it big in the internet world.", we are insulted by the assumption by them that we are of their base mindset, and therefore now choose to decline their offer.

We would also like to point out as evidence of our intentions being consistent from the very beginning: With the singular exception of the initial comment on Webcomic Finds, we have never plugged our tabloid. This tabloid exists to lampoon melodrama, and while other people may enjoy it, this for our own enjoyment first and foremost.

WvW freely acknowledges that we stole the original idea, but we are insistent on the fact that we stole it from Webcomic Finds, and we have always accredited the ideas accordingly. We have never heard of the other site prior to this being brought to our attention, but we do not mind their competition.

However, we would like to point out to Messrs. Orange Rocks that if wants to make sure his important emails get through to their destinations, perhaps he should omit the word 'spam' from his email address so that overzealous spam filters do not filter them into the trash. We initally mistook the email as a 419 scam.

We would also like to gently remind Messrs. Orange Rocks that as he certainly had no problem with WvW until he realized he couldn't be part of the show, one might say this looks suspiciously like a case of "sourgrapes". However, we are happy to call it "sour oranges" if it suits them better.


Follow Up Addendum:

To be open, following is a copy of the email originally sent to us:

From: Spaces []

Webcomic tabloid. Hm...
Ok, so the wheels are turning in my head, and being that this came from
a comic that said "A webcomic tabloid would sell" I imagine that you
might be someone like me, which is someone who's looking for every
oportunity to make it big in the internet world.
I've been making fun of webcomics for several months now via a flash
cartoon at and someone just showed me your site and I
immediately thought, "Guh. Competition." But then I thought, "Hmm...
You're writing a newspaper, I'm running a news station. The two seem
like they might work well together, hm?
Not exactly sure how yet, but if you want to check out
and see if you might think there's some potential in joining forces as
well, we might think about talking further on the matter.
Let me know your thoughts.


As we were not interested, we chose not to reply. However, Mr. Orange Rocks does not seem to be able to accept that, and appears to have taken it as a personal affront.

Normally we wouldn't care, but as they accused us of stealing their idea when we stole Webcomic Finds' instead, we feel compelled to point out the fact that as can be seen in the email, they already knew the origin of WvW came from Webcomic Finds and not Orange Rocks. The 'they've copied me' comment was insincere and untrue, and what's more, they knew it.

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No Lirpa Deathmatch for 2005 Comic-con

McCloud writes: "Those of you looking forward to an across-the-aisle duel to the death [with Penny Arcade] at San Diego will have to wait. We've rolled back our booth reservations for Tranquility Base until '06."...

"Those of you who pre-registered for the San Diego Comic Con and have been following recent flamewars got a good laugh this week in the mail. Comic-Con's periodic update has a short interview with me where I talk about what a positive, warm and supportive community webcomics is; obviously conducted before all Hell broke loose."..." they've taken me in as their batty uncle"...Read More

Monday, June 20, 2005

Tim Buckley: "F*** you, Scott Kurtz."

WvW source Scary Roule reports from Ctrl-Alt-Del:

Tim Buckley rants "...some crap article about webcomics got put up in the Chicago Tribune where, along with some informational inaccuracies, they mention Ctrl+Alt+Del next to PvP and Penny Arcade.

Apparently this has thrown Kurtz into a fit of the 'How dare they mention CAD in the same paragraph as my holier-than-thou comic!"

Elsewhere, the resulting backlash of posters comment on the retracted rant by Scott Kurtz, where the creator of PvP supposedly accused CAD of being a rip-off of Penny-Arcade, and using an unnecessary hyphen in their URL... Read More

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Diddly-Squat Lampoons Recent Webcomic Controversy

The creator calls it "A nice summarization of the events."

Another poster calls it "Another person trying to jump on the great McCloud/PA/Kurtz/Micropayments bandwagon".

What is certain however, that this "topic is getting old".

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