Sunday, July 10, 2005

The Mysterious Disappearance of William G

WvW source Frank Lee writes: "It looks like all of the fights he's had of late has shaken William's desire to toon. Maybe this retreat will be a rebirth for G. I'm sure that this won't be the last that we hear from the man."

The only remnant of the existence of Notorious William G is a short message on his comic site: "Okay, some people are getting hurt feelings over my "get stuffed" message that I didnt intend to, so let me rewrite this more simply: I dont enjoy this any more. I'm not going to keep doing something that's become a thorn in my side. That's it. The site will go down soon.

- William G"

WvW reporter Regneva comments: "I'm sad to see NWG go. He had some interesting things to say. Too bad he was always so condescending when saying it he made the webcomics world to hot to hold him. I bet he'll show up again under some mysterious psuedonym."

We at WvW bid The Notorious William G a fond farewell and thank him from providing so much fodder over the past months.

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Garrity Opts-Out from Comic Nation Service

A direct fallout from the Comic Nation Scandal, critically acclaimed webcomic artist Shaenon Garrity opted to remove her comics from the listings of the Comic Nation site due to the unprofessional behaviour of the admins.

"I don't want to be involved with a service run by people who show the lack of professionalism and common courtesy that you've shown on this thread and on your own site. It's just an accident waiting to happen.

I don't care if Aerie started it, or if she was being unreasonable, or if she's just a sucky cartoonist and you're better off without her. This is not the behavior of a company with which I want my name or work associated.

Shaenon Garrity"

This has led to accusations from Comic Nation staff "Egarwen" that Aeire has started an agenda"to attempt to (and, judging from Shaenon's post, she's started already) shut down a site that provides a service that a lot of webcomic readers find helpful out of spite?"

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Comic Nation Drama: Aeire Responds

A visibly upset Aeire was quick to respond to the comments of the Comic Nation staff:

"To those wondering what happened - these guys put my comic on a ratings site without asking my permission or bothering to check and see if that was okay..." "...I hear about it and send them an email saying that I would like to be removed from their list as I don't want to be on a ratings site. It was polite, it wasn't 'bitchy', it was a request..."

"They refused to take me off. They flat-out said no." "...Words were exchanged, my comic was removed, eventually, after an undue amount of hassle on my end that could have been spent working on my "sucky piece of comic shit", as he so eloquently put it..."

"...They informed me that they were taking the ratings system off of their website and attempted to wheedle me into staying by doing so, I told them flat-out that frankly after dealing with their 'staff' I had no interest in being affliated with their website, ever, and I didn't really care if it was a ratings site or not at this point."

"...I was told back a week or two ago or whenever it was by a close friend of mine that my comic was back on their list again, so I sent them an email asking them to remove it and telling them that I had no wish to affiliate with their website. They sent me a reply very quickly and said they would look into it, and then sent me another a little while later apologizing and saying that my site would be removed, and it was. I was at that point quite impressed with the amount that their 'customer service' had matured and was pleased to note that I didn't have to argue, and was happy."

"So now I look on Websnark and see this thing, and I was about to make a comment and let you know, quietly, that my website would not be on their list."... "...And then I see this bullshit post on their forums. Hey wow guys. Way to be mature. Way to be 'professional'. "... What the shit. What a bunch of petty, disgusting, immature children..."

"...You've just guaranteed that I am going to tell everyone I know in the industry about your petty bullshit. Way to go there buddy."

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Comic Nation Site Faces Criticism for Unprofessional Behaviour

A recent outroar was the result of the discovery of several insulting comments by Comic Nation administrators which were directed towards popular comic artist Aeire after the latter repeatedly requested to have her comic removed from the listings.

"So Aerie has somehow discovered our horribly, illicit pinging of her site once again, and bitched accordingly. Just for the record, we don't really care." -- Cthulu Maccabi (Comic Nation Administrator)

"It's gone. Good riddance you sucky piece of comic shit!" -- Bono (Comic Nation Administrator)

Although the comments have been removed from the site of the original posting, they have already been immortalized in the Websnark thread that publicized the discovery.

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