Thursday, July 21, 2005


Matt Daigle and Briana Benn, the two organisers of the webcomics-centric convention, are reportedly $34,148.50 in debt after the sleazy Connecticut Convention Center allegedly inflated the bill for 'additional expenses' from $10k to over three times that amount.

"Due to a change in management and policy at the University of Hartford, where ConnectiCon was hosted for the first two years, the convention was forced to find a new home in 2005."..."They moved ConnectiCon to the brand new Connecticut Convention Center."

"Despite throwing another wonderful convention this year, they did not break even. In fact, due to the Convention Center being so new, and through a series of misunderstandings between ConnectiCon and Connecticut Convention Center staff, there were a lot of unforeseen expenses tacked on at the last minute. "

"They have treated webcomics like royalty for the past three years and now, in their hour of need, dozens of webcomic creators and other artists have banded together to organize this fund. "

In other news, Robert 'Tangents' Howard believes that a fund should be set up for "webcomic artists in need".

"What's needed is a Webcartoonist Assistance Fund. I'm not sure how we'd go about and create this; who would hold the funds? Who would decide which cartoonist is in need? What constitutes need? Still, a Webcartoonist Assistance Fund would be a viable entity, once the foundations of it are laid down. It could be funded by donations by fans and by cartoonists who want to put a little something in, to help out others in need or even on the off chance that they themselves are in need further down the line."

Rumours now abound of another Live8 concert where the new slogan is "Make Webcomics Poverty History".

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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Mitch Clem Left With Nothing To Say?

Mitch Clem, the punk rock princess of the webcartoonist world, has let a Wednesday pass without updating his beloved strip Nothing Nice to Say. This follows installments consisting mostly of stick figures yelling angrily and using the worst webcomic grammar outside of a recycled sprite comic.

Could this be an indication that Clem has given up on his fans? Was Mitch caught listening to a Backstreet Boys CD and dragged out of his house by loyal readers? Will we see another Nothing Nice installment in the future or can I finally stop talking to the guy at the pool hall who explains all the music jokes?

STEVE BRYANT "DRESSES-DOWN" TYCHO: Is There Something Between Them?

While the promise of a death-match between Scott McCloud and Penny-Arcade's Tycho at the Comic-Con petered out, another conflict blossomed between the PA magnate and Eisner Award Nominee Athena Voltaire's creator, Steve Bryant.

"I was over at Comic Relief trying to track down a Sinfest collection, and when I asked a person with an exhibitor badge facing into the aisle if they had it, he informed me in no uncertain terms that not only did he not work there, he was super pissed off at me. It was Steve from Athena Voltaire, about whose work I had said something mean in passing three months ago. " said a rather rattled Tycho.

"That's never really happened to me, had a man straight-up dress me down right to my face,"... "Still, I think I could have taken him.".

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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Kurtz Loses Eisner, Wins Spit

After receiving the crushing news of his defeat in the Best Humor Writer/Artist category to Kyle Baker at the 2005 Eisner awards, Scott Kurtz watched as failed expectations were followed by a hail of expectoration.

Mr. Kurtz was quick to defend the act of the spitter, stating the incident may have been accidental. "This guy with dark hair came up to the booth, He said something, spit hit me in the face and I recoiled. He immediately turned around and walked off. I'm not sure if he was making a statement or if he was a fan who accidentally spit on me and then ran off in an embarassed panic," stated Mr. Kurtz at Did he forget to add, "I've always enjoyed being spit on and hope my defense of the anonymous spitter leads to more easily-forgiven anonymous spitters in the future"?

KeenSpot Panel Gone Missing! Or Not!

KeenSpot changing name! Or not!

No official word yet has leaked out over KeenSpot 2 hour panel and announcement at Comic-Con international. The secrecy and mystery revolving around the panel, which was promised to have some big announcement in the wake of defections to Blank Label Comics, has confused many in the web-comic-journalist-commentary community.

Quote forum contributor Paul S. “Something tells me the big outing of this information shouldn't have been in the comments section of Websnark. Get on the friggin' stick, Keenspot!”

One rumor is that KeenSpot announced a dramatic new name change – to ToonSpot! And then were booed off the stage.

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Websnark Poster Spoils Harry Potter

By the mysterious means known only to internet drama, a thread on the Spotting of Two Lumps degenerated into a flamefest when DJ Coffman of Yirmumah callously posted the biggest spoiler in the book in the comments section.

"Congratulations, you've claimed my internet-flame virginity. Is that the point? Do you get to laugh your ass off at the thinskinned moron fangirl now? Do you get to sneer at play the world's tiniest violin for my precious, precious recreational reading enjoyment? Fuck. You." says an enraged HP book fan.

The delighted DJ Coffman chortled and proceeded to shamelessly merchandise.

In other news, WvW reporter Regneva resigned from WvW, citing having the book spoiled for her "the last straw".

As a result, WvW is temporarily on hold until we can get new people in. We are currently considering a new open posting system, which will allow regular news submitters to directly post to the blog. So if you're interested in writing for WvW and possess a Blogger account, contact our email address and we will be happy to consider you.

Editor's Note: As should be obvious, with the intake of two new reporters, WvW is no longer on hold. However, we are still taking in more reporters, so if you're still interested,
contact us

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