Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Pearls before SWIPE?

DJ "Trouble" Coffman was surprised recently when he sat down yesterday to read his favorite newspaper comic, Stephan Pastis's Pearls Before Swine. It appeared that Coffman and cohort Bob McDeavitt's Brick of Silence, an ongoing gag in the Yirmumah strip, made its first newspaper appearance -- as a towel -- in this strip.

DJ Coffman, usually one to shy away from controversy and the spotlight, had this to say in his blog about the strip:

"We'’re making their jobs much easier, aren'’t we? Too bad we can'’t steal their watered down garbage that'’s fit for papers, eh? Nah, that stuff won'’t fly online. Of course, we here at Yirmumah can'’t PROVE any of this.. it'’s just, uh, '“speculation'” and 'commentary'. yeah.. that'’s the ticket."

Could this lead to a whole line of swipes from the cartoonists in the print world? Should we expect a blue troll to appear and eat Cathy? Will Garfield start playing video games and spew profanity? The possibilities are endless. Endless and delicious.

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William G Switches to Selling Phonecards?

Headline lifted from Comixpedia Forums

Not long after William G took down his controversial Delineated Life blog, a new blog has appeared in its place... selling Phonecards.

While for one momentary moment it was wondered if William G had decided to ditch webcomics for phone cards, it was soon revealed that the opportunistic company decided to take advantage of the hits generated by his previous notoriety and snapped up the blogger account name.

"Okay. I did get swiped. I'm not bothered by it. (But I recently checked it out, and I am annoyed that a couple of variations of my name as a URL are being cyber-squatted, or used.) "...

"The best I can figure out why they swiped my old blog URL is because all of the more popular expat in Korea blogs have it linked and they're using it for the click through traffic. Kinda sleazy, but you don't run a business without having a few shit-stains on your soul. "
says William G

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Monday, July 25, 2005

[Editorial] Websnark advocates Socialism!

Note from Editor: The following is an editorial by our reporter.

In response to MacHall’s stirring denunciation of state-controlled enterprise on Monday, un-American web-comic-critic-journalist leapt into the fray with yet another tirade in favor of state-controlled medicine.

The widespread liberal bias in web-comics is widely known, and many web-comic-cartoonists living in abject poverty favor a national system. On the other hand, without medicine, many web-comic-cartoonists are hoping the newspaper-comic-author-aristocracy will be faster in making way for the new generation.

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