Monday, August 08, 2005

Thompson: "Dear idiot:..." "Stop, or else. got it?"

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Jack Thompson, the anti-video game advocate who believes that "gamers are on drugs", reportedly tangled with Scott Ramsoomair over a parody strip on WCCA award-winning webcomicVG Cats

The VGCats Site has documented the full exchange of emails here.

Ramsoomair has been accused by Thompson of harrassment, while Ramsoomair insists that Thompson was the first one that initiated contact. This is an action on which Thompson vigorously denies, although evidence of this not being the case is sadly lacking at this point in time. It can be noted however, that Thompson's denials grow increasingly frantic and bereft of rational debate:

Ramsoomair: I remind you good sir. You emailed me.

Thompson: No, you emailed me. HOnestly, are all of you gamers on drugs, or what?

Ramsoomair: I would have to say the same about you. Here let me forward the exact email you sent me.

Thompson: dear idiot: you initially contacted me. stop, or else. got it?

Ramsoomair: Or else? Oh Jack, you're a blue berry muffin of creamy fun. Forwarded the original messege you sent to me, back to you. You probably don't remember sending it. It's okay. It happens with age.

Thompson: Scott, this is your last warning. Don't send me any more emails. You are the person who initialed contacted me. I did not solicit the email. You will either stop or I will take legal action to make you stop."

The resulting fracas has started off several diatribes from others in the gamer-comics communities, including one Tim Buckley of the well-known gaming comic Ctr-Alt-Del.

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